Thursday, March 8, 2012

Soon, very soon!

Well I expected to be talking about all the shipping I was doing by now. Unfortunately due to delays in printing I haven’t received my books yet. I have been frustrated with the learning aspect of printing but seem to be getting a better handle on it now. If you decide that you are planning on doing your own publishing please take the time to read up on the correct formatting your printing company requires. Seems they are not very eager to hold your hand through the process. I’m one of those girls that doesn’t let up so I’m staying on top of my printer. If you’re not an aggressive person you may be looking at long delays and feeling a little defeated by the entire process. Don’t give up! Once you receive that proof in the mail, your heart races and your smile can’t be erased. It’s so wonderful to see an idea you have to actually be on the pages of a book that others will be enjoying. 

I will be including in all the pre-orders a free bookplate that Stephanie created just for the book. A wonderful addition if you're planning on giving the book as a gift.

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  1. I seriously can't get over how legit the copyright page is! Love you and so proud of your hard work! :)